Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Press Release: 1983 Honda MBX80 Integra

I found this gem on a google trawl, the original PR piece for the MBX and MTX80. You can also find the PR for the MBX50, 125 and their big brother the MVX250.
Google translated from Japanese. http://www.honda.co.jp/news/1983/2830621.html
June 21, 1983 
New release of two models of 80cc sport bike "Honda Integra · MBX80" "Honda · MTX80R" equipped with water-cooled 2-cycle engine 

Two models of Land sport bike "Honda · MTX80R" lightweight design of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is equipped with a single-cylinder two-cycle engines · 79cc water-cooled, and road sports bike "Honda Integra · MBX80" full-featured fairing At the same time from the date of release June 22. 
Engine mounted on a "MBX80 Integral" has adopted a hemispherical combustion chamber of an excellent combustion efficiency. Such as the adoption by the lead four leaf valve rectification Itazuke intake leads to further smooth, large exhaust chamber, which will exert a high output of 12PS / 9,000 rpm. 
In addition, hydraulic disc brake mounted dual-piston calipers exert pro-link rear suspension and provide a follow-up of proven excellent road surface, a high braking force, when traveling, such as to protect the rider from wind pressure full fairing, further loading sports have adopted the appropriate equipment to enhance the bike. 
Engine "MTX80R" has adopted a four leaf valve lead Itazuke hemispherical combustion chamber and rectification similar to <MBX80integura>. Has secured a tenacious performance of torque at low speed to medium according to the usability of the land of high output and sports 11PS / 8,500 rpm. 
In addition, captured the road surface to ensure even in rough terrain, was secured and the Pro-Link rear suspension provide a follow-up road surface was excellent, the long stroke of 200mm, the front suspension of the built-in mechanism fork, slim body with excellent arrived at the foot further due, has become something to enjoy comfortable driving to the city from uneven terrain.

Sales plan, the plan (annual domestic) MBX80 integral units 3,000 units 3,000 MTX80R  
National standard cash price is 228,000 yen 198,000 MTX80R Integra MBX80 yen. 
(Hokkaido, Okinawa and other price. High and 3,000 yen, except for some islands)

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