Thursday, 26 July 2018

Owners bikes, Dene Gorfin, bike 3, part 4

"A quick update from me.

Finished? Not quite, but it's come on quite a way since I photoed the heap of parts in the garden!

Thanks to my mate Steve for another excellent job on the paint/decals that was done in quick time even though he is very busy at the moment. I confess I like the white ones better as that is what I originally had but as this was originally black I thought id go with that.  I must also thank Luke for the cleaning/coating of frame/ wheels/ swingarm/ torque arm/ stand/ mudguard brace/ footrests/ headlight and fairing mount etc etc.

Still unable to source a good condition rad guard hence the purple one I had was put on until I find another, may end up getting this painted (thanks Steve) if nothing else shows up.

Not happy with the performance of the front brakes so they are coming apart again (could be master cylinder?)

Also the pattern ignition I bought I'm a bit disappointed with, it sticks out through the clocks about an inch longer than the genuine one and the connector on the back had to be cut as different to the loom, my fault should have bought genuine.

Leaving the standard exhaust on for now as its nice and quiet especially as running it quite a bit to set it up and the seat I like the look of and its a lot firmer than the standard one.

Once I've sorted the brakes and got an mot there will be another MBX 80 on the road which I am happy to see!

I've had fun building this, is anyone else out there doing one as well as Dan, id like to see it on the site?"

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Owners bikes, Dene Gorfin, bike 3, part 3

Here is a restoration update from Dene Gorfin

"Slow progress, I replaced kick start shaft to correct size and while i was there replaced the clutch friction plates. I am currently still doing the wiring which I find is the least enjoyable part of rebuilding bikes and
at the moment I still got the temporary European forks/front brake. The UK forks are ready after replacing fork tubes, oil seals, dust seals and oil but whilst stripping the UK brakes one of the bleed nipples sheared so tha'ts another job to do/delay. 
The exhaust is also temporary until i decide what to fit. While the standard seat is being recovered i found this seat to go on for now.
The paintwork not yet started so my target date for completion of Aug bank holiday may well slip."