Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Bike: the project begins

Here it is, after a 22 year gap I have another MBX80! I have been thinking about this bike for quite some time even to the point where I bought a NOS nose fairing from eBay, just in case I got another bike...

Well after a few false starts I finally won a bike on eBay, it was located in Ramsgate, Kent, so I got the company van and off I went. The guy who owned it (Bob, or Busa Boy on the sixteener special forum) seemed like a good bloke, funnily he always wanted one but it had to go as he had too many bikes (mostly MB5's). The bike is a 1994 on an A plate, had lots of owners, high mileage, but ran and most importantly was complete. As a bonus it also came with a NOS belly pan and a used but decent rear mud guard.
My plan for the bike is a complete restoration, replace or restore everything so in effect what we have is a mint, factory fresh bike. My vision I have in my mind is perfection, but as I have no set time scale to finish nothing will be rushed or 'make do'. I am planning on doing the restoration with my Dad, so we will be sharing jobs.
We are planning a complete strip down in the summer with the view of have a rolling restored chassis - frame, swing arm, forks, bearings, wheels all done by winter. Also a list of our most wanted parts done by the Stafford show in October.

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