MBX80 model data

I have been trying to collect the model data for all variants of the MBX80.

This is very much work in progress, if you can help with better images of the bikes or have the codes for the 3rd gen models please drop me a mail so we can complete the picture.

First generation 1983-1984; colours white, red or black

SWD: Single front disc, head light cowl

SWDD: Single front disc, bikini fairing

SW2D: Single front disc, full fairing

FWDD: Twin front disc's, bikini fairing. UK specification bike only available in black or white.

Second generation 1985; colours white, red or black, often called the 'rainbow' colours.

SWDF: Single front disc, bikini fairing

SW2F: Single front disc, full fairing

FWDF: Twin front disc's, bikini fairing

Third generation 1986; colours 'Rothmans' blue or red

Codes TBC


Additional info:
MBX80SWD, country Germany, engine No. HC04E-5000071-, frame No. HC04-5000051-, Carburetor ID PF26D
MBX80SWDD, country France & Germany, engine No. HC04E-5000071-, frame No. HC04-5000426-, Carburetor ID PF26D
MBX80FWDD, country UK, engine No. H04E-5008971-, frame No. H04-5008936-, Carburetor ID PF26G

1983 MBX80SW 1983 (Germany)
1983 MBX80SWD 1983 (Germany) 
1983 MBX80FWD 1983 (United Kingdom)
1983 MBX80SW2 1983 (Germany) 
1985 MBX80SWD 1985 (France) 
1985 MBX80FWD 1985 (United Kingdom) 
1985 MBX80SW2 1985 (France) 

Paint Codes:
1st Generation
NH0 Championship White
NH1 Black
R110 Monza Red

Series Designation Cylinder type   Displacement Bore & Stroke
MBX80 HC04             Liquid cooled     79.9cc                  49.5 x 41.4mm
MBX75                         Liquid cooled     74.9cc                  48.0 x 41.4mm
MBX50 AC03             Liquid cooled     49cc                     39.0 x 41.4mm
MBX50 AC05             Air Cooled         49cc                     39.0 x 41.4mm

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