Thursday, 26 July 2018

Owners bikes, Dene Gorfin, bike 3, part 4

"A quick update from me.

Finished? Not quite, but it's come on quite a way since I photoed the heap of parts in the garden!

Thanks to my mate Steve for another excellent job on the paint/decals that was done in quick time even though he is very busy at the moment. I confess I like the white ones better as that is what I originally had but as this was originally black I thought id go with that.  I must also thank Luke for the cleaning/coating of frame/ wheels/ swingarm/ torque arm/ stand/ mudguard brace/ footrests/ headlight and fairing mount etc etc.

Still unable to source a good condition rad guard hence the purple one I had was put on until I find another, may end up getting this painted (thanks Steve) if nothing else shows up.

Not happy with the performance of the front brakes so they are coming apart again (could be master cylinder?)

Also the pattern ignition I bought I'm a bit disappointed with, it sticks out through the clocks about an inch longer than the genuine one and the connector on the back had to be cut as different to the loom, my fault should have bought genuine.

Leaving the standard exhaust on for now as its nice and quiet especially as running it quite a bit to set it up and the seat I like the look of and its a lot firmer than the standard one.

Once I've sorted the brakes and got an mot there will be another MBX 80 on the road which I am happy to see!

I've had fun building this, is anyone else out there doing one as well as Dan, id like to see it on the site?"

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Owners bikes, Dene Gorfin, bike 3, part 3

Here is a restoration update from Dene Gorfin

"Slow progress, I replaced kick start shaft to correct size and while i was there replaced the clutch friction plates. I am currently still doing the wiring which I find is the least enjoyable part of rebuilding bikes and
at the moment I still got the temporary European forks/front brake. The UK forks are ready after replacing fork tubes, oil seals, dust seals and oil but whilst stripping the UK brakes one of the bleed nipples sheared so tha'ts another job to do/delay. 
The exhaust is also temporary until i decide what to fit. While the standard seat is being recovered i found this seat to go on for now.
The paintwork not yet started so my target date for completion of Aug bank holiday may well slip."

Monday, 25 June 2018

Owners Bikes, Dene Gorfin, bike 3, part 2

Here is the latest restoration update from Dene Gorfin:

"I have decided to make a start with the build even though still after some bits and some parts which turned up were wrong and have been sent back.
The forks and brakes on the bike are temporary while I wait for parts on the UK spec brakes/forks (twin caliper/discs) rather than the European single disc set up.
Rather a slow start as when I started to fit steering bearings noticed the lock stop on the frame had taken a hit so this had to be welded and then coated again.
While checking the engine i noticed the kick shaft was a bit thicker and wouldn't accept the kick start so that's another job to do.
Apart from that its starting to take shape, more soon!"

Friday, 8 June 2018

Owners bikes: Dene Gorfin bike 3, part 1

Our friend and serial MBX restorer Dene Gorfin is making great progress on his third MBX80 project, particularly impressive is the finish on the wheels. Dene said:

" Just a quick update on latest project, got some parts back from the coaters today, very pleased (especially how well the wheels came back) considering how weathered it all was.

I have got some more parts on order so hopefully in about 3 weeks once I have all the new parts and finished cleaning the reusable bits i will start the build."

*** If you have a restoration story that you would like to share please get in touch!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

My bike, lots of small jobs update

This weeks updates are lots of small jobs, see photo descriptions!

rear drum brake connected - not keen on the painted rocker arm, I think I'll replace this.

seat retention clip fitted

Radiator fitted

looking through my spares I found a NOS oil tank I forgot I had...

NOS oil tank fitted

Chain guard fitted

clocks frame, clocks and handle bar on, now where was the wiring diagram!

Clocks warning lights done, LH switch gear done, throttle and throttle cable fitted


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Honda MBX80, project 2

So… I have gone and bought myself another MBX80, I hear you ask ‘why another MBX80?’, I’ll counter that with ‘Why not!’

Seriously though, I have been on the lookout for another project to work on after my bike is finished and in the end the list got very small, with the main contenders were a Honda NS125F or R, Honda MB-8 and a Rothmans MBX80. Either bike would of fitted the bill although I was leaning towards the MB8 for cost reasons, then I was reminded of a MBX80 that was for sale from Jay Hancock who is a fellow moderator on the Facebook M Club, so the deal was done and the bike was collected.

So the next question is what do I do with the restoration of bike 2?
Partly inspired by Dean Gorfin’s parts special I think this is the direction of this machine. Actually a lot of the cost of a restoration is chasing that factory or showroom finish so bike 2 will not be pushed down this direction. It is possible to make a great restoration with a great finish but not factory, so things like stainless bolts, braided brake lines and powdercoated parts. Also as one of the bikes on my list was a Rothmans this is going to be the colour of this bike.

paint job inspiration 

Monday, 16 April 2018

My bike: Restoration update, the middle of the bike!

This week’s restoration update was to fit the Oil reservoir, coolent reservoir, airbox and battery box.

The oil reservoir fits very snuggly inside the frame and to get it in required the removal of the inner mudguard and the top shock bolt. With these removed I could lift the back end of the bike up to make the gap between the rear tyre and the frame larger and get the oil tank in to the frame via this gap. Once the tank was in I could re-fit the top shock bolt and then the rear mudguard which the oil tank bolts to it.

Next in was the air box, first connect the airbox to the carb and then bolt the air box to the frame. On the other side the battery box can go in with the coolent reservoir bolting to the bottom battery box mount. The oil res was then plumbed in to the oil pump and the coolent res water pipe routed roughly where it had to go.

Next the rear indicator mounts were de-greased, sanded, painted with primer and satin black paint.

Next job I fitted the rear cowling and checked alignment of the rear light in the bodywork, and its all looking good.

Lastly I stripped and straightened the front indicator stay, unfortunately one side has a broken tab. This part although cheap is a no longer available item, so it is going to a friend of mine who will fabricated a new tab and weld it on.