Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Bike: Bodywork, bolts, wheels

Job 1 this week was to re-assemble the tail unit, this evolved re-riveting the internal metal support, re-fitting the seat lock, rubber grommets and re-fitting the indicator blanks.

The second job was the mask the spoke blades on the front wheel and have a go at painting the front hub.

the 3rd job was to install the new taper head races to the frame and fit the triple clamps. I used this Pyramid parts kit bought of ebay. The upper and lower bearings are different with the lower pressing directly on the the steerer, remember to fit the seal on first! Also pay attention to the lower race as it needs tapping inside the frame's head tube all the way to the frame stop, this way the bearing is in the frame and the seal works properly. I actually didn't use the supplied top seal and retained the dust shield of the original MBX headset, firstly it assembles better this way and secondly keeps it looking standard.

lastly I got some more bolts back from zink plating, so the nuts on the suspension linkage now all match!

Monday, 8 May 2017

My bike: Body parts back from painting

This week I have the bodywork back from painting, so apart from this not too much to report. I have painted the fixing screws that hold the rear indicator blanking covers on, these were good condition so I just wanted to blow them over to tidy them up. I have a good tip here, screw them in to a bit of old wood then you can get the heads all done with ease.

The paint is considerably better than standard and although colour matched and a perfect match for the NOS petrol tank the NOS side panel is now looking a little yellow, so that panel will now also be painted to match perfectly.