Monday, 24 April 2017

My bike: rear suspension assembly

With the frame and swing arm back from powdercoating and all the suspension links and bolts previously done I thought it was time to get the back end together.
Firstly I wanted to get the Pro-Link decals on the swigarm while the swingarm was off the bike, to get a good positioning I just studied some original images. Next the swing arm bushes were put back in with plenty of copper slip and the swing arm offered up. The linkage was put in place as part of this has the swing arm pivot run though it, then lastly the shock was put in and all the nuts done up finger tight to check it was all correct. lastly I re-riveted the vehicle ID plate back on.

So far I am extremely happy with the results, although there is a small error that needs fixing... There are three nuts on the linkage that I mistakenly had re-plated silver, when they should be gold. I do have a couple of more bolts I want plating, so these 3 nuts will have to be re-done!

note vehicle ID plate
please excuse the grease smudges!

My bike: the frame is back from the powdercoaters

I just got the frame and some parts back from the powdercoaters, this is a bit of a landmark moment as although I still have some sub component restoration to do and the engine, everything from now is re-building.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Bike: Restoration update, painting prep

This weeks restoration update mainly involves removing stickers in preparation for painting. Fortunately I only need to prep 1 side panel, the rear fairing and front mudguard. Firstly I tried heating the sticker with a hair dryer to see if I could lift the graphic, but this didn't work so I had to use Nitro Mors and elbow grease. With the hard graft now done I can hand on the body work to my brother in law who will finish the pre-paint prep and paint with the correct Honda colour of NH0.

The other job I have been experimenting with is still the hub re-finishing (see last weeks post). I spent a bit of time masking the boomerang spokes with the view of spraying the hub but there is going to be no way to get access to spray paint the hub, to be cont...

Monday, 10 April 2017

My Bike; this weeks restoration update, wheels

This week I have started fork on both wheels. The rims and the blades of the Comstars are in very good condition, however the hubs need some work.

I gave the wheels a de-grease and wash to get a better look and the paint is very tatty, the problem with the Comstar wheel is it is not designed to come apart so the hub needs to be restored in the wheel.

As I can see it I have three options.

1/ Polish the hubs. This is not the standard finish, could be a lot of grief.

2/ Mask the spokes/ rim and spray paint the hub. Because of the spokes its going to be tricky to get an even coverage?

3/ Brush paint the hubs. Possibly the easiest option, but I don't want brush marks in the finish.

If anybody has an idea please leave a comment bellow!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Bike: This weeks restoration update.

Not massive amounts this week as I have had a busy weekend but I have got some more painting done. I also finished of the upper belly pan mounts (not pictured) as I ran out of black the other week.

Not that happy with the swing arm links, this is the second attempt after I originally brush painted them with Hammerite Smooth, I'll inspect and decide which way to go.

Re-plated bolts fitted