Friday, 8 February 2019

my bike, restoration update, front brake part 2

The front brake has proved to be quite time consuming and I would categorise the refurb of it as one of the more major jobs on the bike.

Strip down; most jobs are relatively simple nuts and bolt removal with the exception of the caliper pistons. The manual tells you to drain all fluids and pop the pistons out with air, my home made solution was using a bicycle pump (track pump), a home made adaptor to fit in to the banjo hole and a bicycle puncture patch as a gasket so I could get as much air in to the brake as possible. Not shown in the picture but you need to leave the bleed nipple in the caliper or air will escape.

note: leave the bleed nipple in to plug that hole!

Once all the parts, bolts and seals were removed all parts were scrubbed in a parts washer to de-grease and the surfaces scrubbed ready for paint.

Using VHT caliper paint I then gave everything 3 coats and left to dry for a good 6hrs. Following the instructions I then oven backed at 200 degrees for 1 hour to properly cure and this final process makes the paint chemical resistant.

This presented another problem, it completely ruined the sight glass window in the reservoir. fortunately replacements are available on ebay so a new one was promptly ordered. The replacement is a press fit which isn't as alarming as it sounds. The reservoir only has to deal with fluid expansion and is under no real pressure as brake systems only have pressure between the lever piston and the caliper piston.

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