Monday, 25 February 2019

My bike, restoration update, wiring loom, brakes and the MB8

This week’s updated started with installing the battery and adding power to the bike for the first time in about 4 years, after doing this I turned the ignition on and some weird stuff happened! Firstly the oil and neutral lights were around the wrong way, easily fixed, then when I indicated right the tail light came on. Next came a lot of studying the wiring diagram and head scratching, Japanese bikes tend to be really easy to follow, for example a black and white wire will always connect to a black and white wire, in the end it came down to the two six pin plugs reversed, even these are colour coded so it was my stupid mistake. Now we have power and working electrics. 

I also fitted the rear brake light switch and spring, front brake lever and front brake light switch, clutch cover hood and finished the brake calipers with the small sliding pin boot. The brake calipers were then fitted to the forks and the brake lines installed.

Lastly I re-fitted the headlight to make the front look tidy.

MB8 – update, one thing that bothered me with the MB was the tear in the seat cover. The replacement cover came from the M Shop along with some MBX spares and using a heavy duty staple gun I re-fitted the cover. Its by no means perfect, but 100% better to what was there before.

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