Tuesday, 19 February 2019

my bike, restoration update, more brakes, indicators and stuff!

A solid weekend in the garage this weekend saw the bike take another big step forward.

Firstly I had the indicators turn up from www.cmnsl.com which I assembled mid-week.

Next some more parts from the M Shop  which meant I could crack on with the brakes, however It soon became apparent that one of the boots for the sliding pin part of the caliper was wrong so these were ordered from ebay for speed. I also put the lever together but I am waiting on the inspection window.

Next the speedo cable went on and the cable guide plus the clutch cable. I also took a little time over cable routing and getting the loom tidy at the front of the bike. Front and rear indicators were fitted and wired in, as was a new horn.

Next I was planning on fitting the NOS headlight but soon realised it was wrong. Size wise it is perfect but had no provision for a side light, so I need another. Fortunately fellow M Club member on facebook Skungheeney Harrison offered me a genuine Honda part he had as a spare which I swiftly took him up on.

Lastly I fitted the NOS belly pan, fitting kit and radiator cover and its really starting to look good!

Update, I now have all the missing brake parts and a battery, next job is get the front brake on and bleed and get the battery on to check if I have it wired up correctly!

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