Friday, 21 August 2020

My bike: kick start rebuild

 Ouch... I routinely roll the MBX out the garage, fuel tap on, choke on, foot peg up and prod the kickstarter and snap, the kick start shaft snaps clean against the crank case and takes a little bit of leg with it.

Looking at the owners manual its not a massive job and the kick start shaft can be replaced with the engine in. Also in the owners manual it states that there are service limits not only on the shaft (6) but also the idler gear (2), inspection on the oil pump gear (1) and both kick start springs (8 and 5), so I decided to replace the lot including the collar (9), ratchet (4) and ratchet gear (3).

For availability all parts were bought via David Silver Spares and CMSNL

On to the repair...

First drain both the coolant and gearbox oil. Tip, remove the rad filler cap!

Remove the rev counter cable and clutch cable and remove the right hand side cover. Tip: pay attention to the clutch actuator pusher on the inside of the case!

To just do the kick start shaft you don't have to remove the clutch, but as I needed to replace all the gears the clutch had to come off. NOTE: If you do take the clutch off the balancer shaft does need to be timed to the primery - see bottom of the page!

plastic oil pump gear, check for wear and tear.

To re-fit the new idler gear you will have to remove the ratchet plate 

Refitting the kick start shaft and getting the spring tension can be testing... 

Don't scrimp and fit a new gasket

Ratchet assembly, next is to get the correct clocking and spring tension. 

here is the clocking and alignment from the manual.

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