Monday, 10 April 2017

My Bike; this weeks restoration update, wheels

This week I have started fork on both wheels. The rims and the blades of the Comstars are in very good condition, however the hubs need some work.

I gave the wheels a de-grease and wash to get a better look and the paint is very tatty, the problem with the Comstar wheel is it is not designed to come apart so the hub needs to be restored in the wheel.

As I can see it I have three options.

1/ Polish the hubs. This is not the standard finish, could be a lot of grief.

2/ Mask the spokes/ rim and spray paint the hub. Because of the spokes its going to be tricky to get an even coverage?

3/ Brush paint the hubs. Possibly the easiest option, but I don't want brush marks in the finish.

If anybody has an idea please leave a comment bellow!

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