Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Bike: Restoration update, painting prep

This weeks restoration update mainly involves removing stickers in preparation for painting. Fortunately I only need to prep 1 side panel, the rear fairing and front mudguard. Firstly I tried heating the sticker with a hair dryer to see if I could lift the graphic, but this didn't work so I had to use Nitro Mors and elbow grease. With the hard graft now done I can hand on the body work to my brother in law who will finish the pre-paint prep and paint with the correct Honda colour of NH0.

The other job I have been experimenting with is still the hub re-finishing (see last weeks post). I spent a bit of time masking the boomerang spokes with the view of spraying the hub but there is going to be no way to get access to spray paint the hub, to be cont...

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