Tuesday, 5 March 2019

My bike, oil pump bleed

this is a retrospective post as I did this job a couple off weeks back and forgot to post!

One of the most important jobs is bleed the oil pump and set the correct cable movement to that the throttle delivers the correct amount of oil with the fuel.

To set the cable you need to make sure the marks line up when the throttle is fully open, Honda say + or - 1mm on the tolerance of this, but its quite simple to get this spot on.

Next was to get some two stroke oil in the reservoir and bleed the pump. There is a 7mm nut on the top of the oil pump (the middle one) which needs loosening to expel any air. Access is very tight here and it helps to remove the airbox. I found gravity was not enough to get oil though the system so I actually pressurised the oil reservoir to force oil down the lines, through the pump and out the bleed screw. This sounds highly technical, but I just stuck my mouth on the filling neck of the res and blew hard! 

Next there is a second oil line which runs from the pump called the bypass line, this one I just bleed with a syringe.

**** Even after bleeding both parts the Honda manual recommends you add oil to the fuel (25-50 parts fuel to 1 oil) when you first run with the pump fully open.

""Made sure that there is fuel in the fuel tank (25-50 parts fuel to 1 part lubricant). Start the engine and run it for about 10 minutes with the oil pump control lever in the fully open position so as to force air out of the oil pass tube with the oil."" Page 2-7

Update - just on the above point, that would be 10-20ml of oil per 500ml petrol (1/2L)

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