Monday, 6 November 2017

My bike; exhaust, brake pedal

This week I concentrated on getting the exhaust on but I hit a few problems. Firstly I wanted to paint it as it had a couple of storage marks on it, I used Hammerite Barbecue paint as it cures without having to put heat in to it plus you can get a nice matt finish with it.
The first problem I had was that the header mounting flange didn't line up with the exhaust studs by about 2-3mm... This is super weird as the exhaust is definitely for a MBX80, so I opened the holes up to 10mm which was the largest drill bit I had then slightly ovalised them to the point the flange slipped over the studs.
Once the exhaust was on it is a little out at the rear mounting point, by about 10mm. The hole physically lines up but just sticks out a little, you can push it in but its not the fit I would expect from a Japanese bike. This needs investigating a little more.

The next job was to replace the rear brake pedal with a new old stock item. This was purely cosmetic as my original was painted and I didn't feel comfortable with the originality of the bike like this. I raised this point on our Facebook group page about using parts with the incorrect finish and although everybody had a slightly different opinion on this I feel you got to go with your vision on how you want your bike to be?

correct finished pedal on the left vs powder coat on the right

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