Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My Bike: Restoration update

This week's restoration update mostly involves painting....

Items spray painted are the top crown/ yoke, the tops of the handle bar clamps, part of the rear shock linkage, and a couple of brackets.

The swing arm went for powder coating.

Good 2nd hand mudguard and tail unit arrived from Germany. Arranged for these items and the side panels to go for professional spray painting. Interestingly the white colour code NH0 is also called Championship White and is the same colour Honda used on the Integra Type R.

Some spares and rubber parts from Honda M Shop. Front foot peg rubbers, rear foot rests, Pro-link decals, rear drum brake actuating rod, 3 x rubber coolant hoses, 6 x hose clips.

Lastly I sent lots of nuts, bolts and all of the axles for cleaning and re-electroplating.

I forgot I had this.... NOS rear shock

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