Monday, 3 October 2016

Honda MCX80

I spotted this MCX80 (HC05) for sale recently on the Honda M Shop's website. I literally know nothing about it apart from it uses the air-cooled M series 2-stroke 80cc engine. I guess the C in MCX refers to 'custom' but that's it!

found this info from and google translated.

Honda's little successful attempt of a 80 Choppers.
Equipped with air-cooled engine of MB / MT models, the MCX worked on the proportions a little failure. After two low selling for Honda ratios years the chopper disappeared quietly without replacement from the program.

Year: 1983-84
Engine: air-cooled, 5-speed, 7.4 HP
Tank: 7.5 liters
Weight: empty 93
Color silver, black, white
Number of pieces:
Price: 3.324, - DM

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