Monday, 18 December 2017

Owners bikes: Dene Gorfin, MBX80 parts box special

Here is another MBX restoration from Dene Gorfin, he has previously done a stock build bike which you can see here. This time Dene wanted to put another bike together from parts he had left over from his previous build and not worry about it to much. I’ll think you agree it turned out pretty cool, especially with the NSR wheels!

""I’ve still got my white one and have decided to have a go and do another if I can source the bits as some stuff seems impossible to get i.e. twin calipers and fork legs for twin brakes for instance. I’ve got quite a few parts left over from the white one so that’s a good start and got a frame a month ago which has just come back from the coaters.
Just thought I’d drop you a few pictures of my latest which I finished off yesterday (when I say finished just needs a spring for back brake switch and some more fuel line) mainly using up spares from my previous MBX build, thought I’d build a ratbike to ride in winter but now decided a bit too good for that cant face the thought of riding it through salty roads.""

Monday, 6 November 2017

My bike; exhaust, brake pedal

This week I concentrated on getting the exhaust on but I hit a few problems. Firstly I wanted to paint it as it had a couple of storage marks on it, I used Hammerite Barbecue paint as it cures without having to put heat in to it plus you can get a nice matt finish with it.
The first problem I had was that the header mounting flange didn't line up with the exhaust studs by about 2-3mm... This is super weird as the exhaust is definitely for a MBX80, so I opened the holes up to 10mm which was the largest drill bit I had then slightly ovalised them to the point the flange slipped over the studs.
Once the exhaust was on it is a little out at the rear mounting point, by about 10mm. The hole physically lines up but just sticks out a little, you can push it in but its not the fit I would expect from a Japanese bike. This needs investigating a little more.

The next job was to replace the rear brake pedal with a new old stock item. This was purely cosmetic as my original was painted and I didn't feel comfortable with the originality of the bike like this. I raised this point on our Facebook group page about using parts with the incorrect finish and although everybody had a slightly different opinion on this I feel you got to go with your vision on how you want your bike to be?

correct finished pedal on the left vs powder coat on the right

Monday, 30 October 2017

Owners Bike: Fotios Grigoropoulos, Honda MBX50

Its awesome to here from fellow MBX enthusiasts from around the world and recently I was contacted by Fotios Grigoropoulos from Greece who has just restored Japanese import MBX 50. 

This is Fotios's story:
"I spent about 2 years for the parts from CMSNL and over 5000€! I had spoken and with Steve from MB5 club UK because I was looking for the original Honda Shop manual before I started to fix the engine. All the engine from my hands and it was my first job with all knew parts except the left crankcase cover because has the numbers and one friend of me helped me in the assembly because he has a shop and you see him in the photos.
You see the frame in my room in 2012 and I live in a flat apartment, as you do understand the reassembly wasn't easy in the apartment.
Today the bike has 800km and I spend most time for watching it. I want to have it in my living room but I don't know what to do because I want few times a ride. I am 43 years old. All these bikes came here in 90s as import from Japan.The MBX 80 must be perfect combination because it has the same light frame but 80cc engine and gives better performance."

The first series of pictures is of how the bike was.

And now for the restoration!

My bike: rear light, exhaust, rear pegs, decals pt 2

This weeks restoration update is a little varied as I still have lots of little jobs that need doing.

First up, decal replacement. The first decal I put on was the non-drive side tail unit and as it went on dry (fit them wet people!) it had a bubble in it I couldn't get rid off. Anyway I spoke to the decal company Classic Motorcycle Decals whom were more than happy to supply just the tail decal. So new decal fitted and I am a lot happier.

Next up was to work on the rear light unit assembly. This was completely dismantled and lenses and body were polished using a plastic polish. The heat shield for the number plate light was tatty and although you cannot see this I rubbed it down and painted it anyway. While I was painting I started work on the rear foot peg hangers.

I also wanted to work on the heat shield for the exhaust as this had a nasty dent in it and as this is a no longer available item I needed to make a good job.
Using a small metal hammer and my vice, I beat the dent out and shaped the plate, then a little filing to get the major gauge out then finished up with wet and dry. This was a particularly satisfying job!


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My bike: Chain, gear pedal and brake torque arm

This week I have been busy with work but I manged to fit in a couple of more jobs.

The first being the new front sprocket enabling me to fit the new DID chain and to re-fit the left hand engine cover. Other items installed this week were: gear shift pedal and rubber, rear brake torque arm.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My bike; Engine

This last week I sent off my engine to the Honda M Shop in the Netherlands for refurbishment. There are people in the UK that are perfectly capable in doing this work but Dirk at the Honda M shop specialises in these little engines, has everything in stock and his prices are extremely competitive.

So the engine went of for a complete overhaul including;

New piston and ring set
All new bearings
All new oil seals
New clutch
All new bolts
All new gaskets
Engine paint and refinish

The only hiccup we had was that the carburetor was actually broken so this got replaced with a genuine 18mm Kehlin.

All the work was carried out over 3-4 days and my engine was posted back to me, all in including postage both ways the engine was away for 10 days, not bad!

Dirk also posted back the old parts, check out the state of the original piston bellow!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

My bike, foot pegs and odd jobs

This week I had a parcel from CMSNL turn up, with lots off small parts with the view to finishing a few odd jobs.

Firstly the front wheel right side spacer to replace a corroded one, rear sprocket bolts, chain tug bolts, new side stand spring and some new foot rest parts.

you can see I have not yet bent the tab over in this picture to lock the bolt off

now on the bike a looking factory fresh!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My Bike: graphics and some light assembly

This week I wanted to look at the graphic set I bought to feedback to the members of the Honda M Club (UK). I only actually need the side panel set, seat unit and front mudguard as the fuel tank, fairing and belly pan are all NOS and have the factory graphics on them. I also wanted to see the difference in the quality, colours and alignment with the fuel tank and it was also a good opportunity to check the painted panel colour with the NOS tank.

Tip: clean the panel first then wet it with soapy water. Cut out the graphic you need tight to graphic to help with alignment. lay the graphic on the wet surface and adjust for perfect position, tease out all bubbles and creases. Keep working it until you are happy and then carefully remove the decal backing while working on the decal to prevent lifting, then leave to dry.

Decals were via ebay seller Classic Motorcycle Decals

I also fitted the front mudguard and mudguard brace with new stainless steel bolts and also the rear inner mudguard piece that protects the Preo Link assembly.

new tail unit vs old
new LH panel vs old
pair of side panels
front mudguard
alignment and colour check