Friday, 24 March 2017

Kiddo Motors MBX75

This has been on the net for a while but I wanted to add it to my blog. This Honda MBX 75 has been modified by Kiddo Motors in Barcelona in a street cafe racer style, enjoy.

Monday, 20 March 2017

My Bike: restoration update, bolts...

This week was a little slower, but progress was still made.

Job 1 was to rebuild the riders foot pegs with new rubbers, but one of the steel pegs was so rusted I think it will need replacing so this job was put on the back burner.

Job 2 was to re-finish the radiator mounts as I was not happy with them, these were flatted back with wet and dry and painted with primer, ready for satin black that I need to buy another tin off.

Lastly my bolts came back from the electroplaters, the finish is really impressive and has saved a ton of money in replacement bolts. Silver and gold are Zink and the black is Nickle.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My Bike: Restoration update

This week's restoration update mostly involves painting....

Items spray painted are the top crown/ yoke, the tops of the handle bar clamps, part of the rear shock linkage, and a couple of brackets.

The swing arm went for powder coating.

Good 2nd hand mudguard and tail unit arrived from Germany. Arranged for these items and the side panels to go for professional spray painting. Interestingly the white colour code NH0 is also called Championship White and is the same colour Honda used on the Integra Type R.

Some spares and rubber parts from Honda M Shop. Front foot peg rubbers, rear foot rests, Pro-link decals, rear drum brake actuating rod, 3 x rubber coolant hoses, 6 x hose clips.

Lastly I sent lots of nuts, bolts and all of the axles for cleaning and re-electroplating.

I forgot I had this.... NOS rear shock

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Owners bike: Dene Gorfin, MBX80 project - UPDATE

Recently Dene Gorfin got in touch with me to show me the progress on his MBX80 project, I also quizzed Dene on a couple of things that are interesting tips for restoration.

Did you buy the graphics of eBay? I do need the side panel and tail graphics so I was looking at those kits, but you can't be sure of the quality?
yep got graphics off ebay but not without probs, the fairing decals were too short and the colours were back to front so had to swap sides and re cut the angle making them shorter if that makes sense? if you look closely you can see they are short.
Also had a slight prob with decals being that the long thin lines were at the wrong angle so had to be cut, you can see from photo if you look carefully.

Is the finish on the engine sprayed or brushed and what did you use?
i sprayed the engine some with PJ1 engine enamel and some with plasticote from B&Q I think as it was in the garage.

What are you going to do with her when she is done, ride, polish or show? 
I just intend to ride, don't think it will be show standard just clean, i just want to enjoy it. I have been looking at the one on your site which belongs to martin butler and am sort of aiming in that direction, got a new Gianelli from Germany and an mps-300 from Holland.

Where did you source the parts from?
I get most of the parts from Europe, cant seem to get much here, honda80ccnl, TVD Parts and Honda M Shop have been main suppliers as well as looking on ebay regularly.

looking at your site which is great makes me wish id bought some ages ago when they were easy to source, i'm sure you know more about these bikes than i ever will but if i can help with anything let me know.

Thank you to Dene for the words and pictures, I will definitely be looking forward to seeing this one when it is finished!

UPDATE 06/04/2017

The decals for the rad cover arrived from Holland today so cosmetically i'm calling it finished! Just been out on it and it needs a few adjustments to carb and clutch but pretty much there.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My Bike: Some good used parts from Ebay Germany

I have been keeping an eye out for a good used mudguard for a while now and one popped up on German ebay. the guy also had a good tail piece as well as my original had a broken lug.

The dealer has a couple of red MBX's that he is more than willing to remove parts from, the service was 1st class and quick, check them out

The mudguard, tail unit and side panels can now go to paint.

no cracks or holes, yay!

all lugs intact and the metal piece underneath has no corrosion! 

Monday, 6 March 2017

My Bike: painting small parts

I spent Sunday cleaning a few small items and experimenting with spray finishes in my garage as I didn't want absolutely everything powder coated.

The items you see here are the belly pan lower mount, fork lower crown and another look at the swingarm.

Items were wire brushed, cleaned with petrol, dried and rubbed with wet and dry where needed. Primer is Halfords grey, paint is Halfords Satin Black and Halfords Platinum Silver (an MG colour).

With the swing arm I am not happy with the finish as you can see quite a bit of damage on it after the rust was removed. This item is heading went for powder coat Monday morning as the PC finish is thick and will cover the minor pitting in the metal.

primer coat

add satin black

rear brake torque arm