Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My Bike: graphics and some light assembly

This week I wanted to look at the graphic set I bought to feedback to the members of the Honda M Club (UK). I only actually need the side panel set, seat unit and front mudguard as the fuel tank, fairing and belly pan are all NOS and have the factory graphics on them. I also wanted to see the difference in the quality, colours and alignment with the fuel tank and it was also a good opportunity to check the painted panel colour with the NOS tank.

Tip: clean the panel first then wet it with soapy water. Cut out the graphic you need tight to graphic to help with alignment. lay the graphic on the wet surface and adjust for perfect position, tease out all bubbles and creases. Keep working it until you are happy and then carefully remove the decal backing while working on the decal to prevent lifting, then leave to dry.

Decals were via ebay seller Classic Motorcycle Decals

I also fitted the front mudguard and mudguard brace with new stainless steel bolts and also the rear inner mudguard piece that protects the Preo Link assembly.

new tail unit vs old
new LH panel vs old
pair of side panels
front mudguard
alignment and colour check

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