Monday, 25 June 2018

Owners Bikes, Dene Gorfin, bike 3, part 2

Here is the latest restoration update from Dene Gorfin:

"I have decided to make a start with the build even though still after some bits and some parts which turned up were wrong and have been sent back.
The forks and brakes on the bike are temporary while I wait for parts on the UK spec brakes/forks (twin caliper/discs) rather than the European single disc set up.
Rather a slow start as when I started to fit steering bearings noticed the lock stop on the frame had taken a hit so this had to be welded and then coated again.
While checking the engine i noticed the kick shaft was a bit thicker and wouldn't accept the kick start so that's another job to do.
Apart from that its starting to take shape, more soon!"

Friday, 8 June 2018

Owners bikes: Dene Gorfin bike 3, part 1

Our friend and serial MBX restorer Dene Gorfin is making great progress on his third MBX80 project, particularly impressive is the finish on the wheels. Dene said:

" Just a quick update on latest project, got some parts back from the coaters today, very pleased (especially how well the wheels came back) considering how weathered it all was.

I have got some more parts on order so hopefully in about 3 weeks once I have all the new parts and finished cleaning the reusable bits i will start the build."

*** If you have a restoration story that you would like to share please get in touch!