The MB80

Honda MB8

The MB-8 is an 80cc version of the MB5 road bike produced from 1981 to 1983 specifically to meet licencing laws in France and Germany which favoured learner riders on sub 80cc bikes

By increasing the bore and stroke from 39mm x 41.4mm to 45mm x 49mm an engine size of 78cc was achieved, with power significantly improved to up to 9.5hp at 8000rpm. The MB8 shares the same 49mm stroke as the H100, making a 100cc conversion relatively simple.

Features were the same (not surprisingly!) as the MB5 with the X style frame, single disc brake on the front wheel and a rear drum brake, as well as the popular (for Honda) Comstar wheels. The tank featured a revised graphic with the addition of a stripe running parallel to the frame along the dummy covers edge.
Even though the MB8 was a Euro model, so the head light should dip to the right the headlight is actually the same as a UK MB5 (dip to the left), so this part doesn't need changing for UK roads. I guess with 6 volts the headlight doesn't do that much!
In 1983 it was replaced by the newly developed liquid cooled MBX 80.

Model: MB-8
Type: HC01
Bore and stroke: 45.0 × 49.5
Engine type: Air-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder
Engine Size: 78cc
Maximum output: 9.5hp / 8,000rpm
Maximum torque: 0.89kg-m / 7,500rpm
Gearbox: 5-speed
Frame format: X style backbone
Front Brake: Hydraulic disc
Rear Brake: Mechanical drum
Front Tyre: 2.50-18-4PR
Rear Tyre: 2.50-18-6PR
Length: 1880mm
Width: 655mm
Height: 980mm
Wheelbase: 1220mm
Vehicle Weight (kg): 91kg
Fuel tank capacity: 9L
Colours: Blue/Blue, Black/ Gold, White/Red

Red - R33 Helios Red – code 1138,
Black - NH1 Black – code 1039
White - NH24 Ceramic White - code 1005
Blue - PB109 Neptune Blue - code 1104

Two versions were available, MB8S with handlebar fairing and MB8B without.

There seems to be two European models, one for France and one for Germany, the French MB80F is unrestricted and the German MB80SA is restricted. 

To make a German bike full power you need revised ignition timing (tuning rotor), full power exhaust, larger main jet and a free flow air filter. To make use of the power you also need to alter the final gearing.


Finally 16 years old!
My bike, finally! A real. A Honda, With a two-seat saddle, 5-speed, a hydraulic disc brake, a fairing. Like the big ones!
Finally the right to practice driving with a simple motorcycle license A1. It would only be to hand over the Moto A2 license later. Or A3. Finally free to align my vitality and that of my MB 80 to show that on 2 wheels too, the value does not wait for the number of years. Neither that of cubic centimetre ...

my bike

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