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I first bought a MBX80 when I was 17 years old, way back in 1989... This bike gave me real independence, it took me to work, collage, on holiday and I socialised on it with my friends.

Times changed and the little MBX was sold to make way for bigger and better things, but I always had a soft spot for Honda's little 80 so now 23 years later the chance to buy another came along.

This bike has seen better days, but it doesn't matter it will be subject of a full restoration, which is the main purpose for this blog.
The MBX80FWDD is a rare beast, as of May 2012 there are currently just 15 licenced machines and 23 bikes on SORN. 
If you own a MBX80 or have tips for restoration please drop me a mail

If you want to look at the restoration blog posts only to see my progress, just CLICK HERE

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  1. Love what you're doing with the mbx80.....It was my first bike too back in '84....I had the white one as in your photo...have been on the lookout for the last 3 or 4 years for another to possibly do the same as you.....Loved my mbx80....Bought mine brand new from Mountjoy motorcycles, Dublin, Ireland. Am now living in Hastings, East Sussex. Constantly searching the web for one.....Let me know if you hear of one going for sale and Good Luck with your project.... rickaldo2@sky.com

  2. Hello from Germany!
    I was just as you, an 16 years old MBX80 driver in 1986! I owned myself a black one, with the neon-like tank design and full fairing. Just weeks ago, I bought an white one with full fairing, and now I´m gonna do the restauration work.
    MBX was a fascinating bike at the 80`s, and my first one (that i bought new!), lefts me with more then 20.000 km after 2 years. Can´t forget that horrible moment....
    Hope to get things done, with my white one now...spares are difficult to find sometimes. Even the radiator shield for full fairing models (missed when i bought mine), seems to be a problem to get.
    So hope you enjoy the bike in the future, I shure will (when it`s rebuild).
    There`s a quit big mbx scene in netherland did you know?

  3. I always loved my mk11 Black twin disc MBX80, I so regret selling it for an old mini banger over 25 yr ago, she went like the clappers when I upgraded the exhaust with a black chrome one and upgraded jets and valves. Easily did 75+mph

  4. I had an MBX50 A821TRP and then an MBX80 B??? BVV. I loved those bikes. I'm thinking of buying one to restore.