Monday, 18 March 2019

My bike; restoration update, starting her up

Saturday 9th March,

Firstly I fitted the fuel hose and then I bought some unleaded petrol. I did a pre-mix of 15ml 2-stroke to 500ml fuel and added to the fuel to the tank.
I kicked the engine over a few times then turned the ignition on and a few kicks later the bike fired up!

Next I set the air-screw and the tick over and then turned the bike off, removed the fuel tank and topped the radiator coolant up up. Next I fitted the rear foot pegs, rear rack and mirrors.

The next job was to fit the handlebar fairing bracket and fairing, unfortunately for some reason the lower mount did not line up with the fairing so would not fit. A search on ebay found a NOS bracket with the correct lower mount so that was ordered as a replacement. 

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