Monday, 29 October 2018

My Bike, Restoration update front brake part 1

When looking at the front brake assembly of my MBX80 it quickly became apparent the spare parts may not be as easy to come by as the double front brake set up of the UK specific FWDD model.

The front brake of the FWDD has a different master cylinder as it has to push a different ratio of fluid compared to the single disc model. The brake calipers are single piston sliding calipers (LH and RH) opposed to a single twin piston caliper. Obviously there are three hoses opposed to one and also a splitter unit.

Here are the parts diagrams from CMS

So the first task was to find replacement brake hoses, which if you want to use steel braided brake lines is actually easy as everybody seems to list the FWDD and will sell you a set. However as this bike is meant to be factory spec build I needed to find replacement rubber OEM style hoses.
Looking online on CMS and also speaking to David Silver Spares at the Stafford Classic Bike Show only one hose is now available as a spare part so I needed to find an aftermarket supplier.

Google unearthed Brake Quip rubber hoses via Proflex hoses so I sent a speculative e-mail to see if this is something they did, the reply came back and they said they could make them no problem and would just need the original hoses as patterns. I posted my hoses and they made a replica set for me and also supplied all the bolts and copper washers. The price is comparable to the braided hose kit, so if you want a set for your restoration give them a shout and say I sent you!

Old hoses on the left, new on the right

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