Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Honda MBX80, project 2

So… I have gone and bought myself another MBX80, I hear you ask ‘why another MBX80?’, I’ll counter that with ‘Why not!’

Seriously though, I have been on the lookout for another project to work on after my bike is finished and in the end the list got very small, with the main contenders were a Honda NS125F or R, Honda MB-8 and a Rothmans MBX80. Either bike would of fitted the bill although I was leaning towards the MB8 for cost reasons, then I was reminded of a MBX80 that was for sale from Jay Hancock who is a fellow moderator on the Facebook M Club, so the deal was done and the bike was collected.

So the next question is what do I do with the restoration of bike 2?
Partly inspired by Dean Gorfin’s parts special I think this is the direction of this machine. Actually a lot of the cost of a restoration is chasing that factory or showroom finish so bike 2 will not be pushed down this direction. It is possible to make a great restoration with a great finish but not factory, so things like stainless bolts, braided brake lines and powdercoated parts. Also as one of the bikes on my list was a Rothmans this is going to be the colour of this bike.

paint job inspiration 

UPDATE: After a change of plans I have now sold this bike, so this project wont go ahead. However there will still be a second bike project that I will share, just not this one, stay tuned!

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