Monday, 26 March 2018

my bike, restoration update, clocks

This week I have started to re-wrap some segments of the wiring loom using black electrical tape, its not that exciting hence no image!

The big job was re-building the clock unit. The top piece is held on by four screws and this in effect splits the clocks in half with the bottom half holding everything except the colour warning lights. The speedo and the rev counter are held in by two screws each on the back and one removed will just push out. The temperature gauge is held in by two screws accessed from the top but also has free wires and a rubber weather seal that needs carefully pushing through a small access hole.

Once the clocks were out I gave them a very careful clean and I also made the decision to leave the mileage alone. I know some restorers like to reset the mileage to zero but I felt the bike would be nicer if it wore its correct mileage as this is part of the bikes history.

To reassemble just revere the disassembly starting with the temperature gauge making sure the rubber weather seal is properly seated.

The only other job this week was I took the headlight sub frame to work to clean up in the parts washer prior to painting.

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