Monday, 24 April 2017

My bike: rear suspension assembly

With the frame and swing arm back from powdercoating and all the suspension links and bolts previously done I thought it was time to get the back end together.
Firstly I wanted to get the Pro-Link decals on the swigarm while the swingarm was off the bike, to get a good positioning I just studied some original images. Next the swing arm bushes were put back in with plenty of copper slip and the swing arm offered up. The linkage was put in place as part of this has the swing arm pivot run though it, then lastly the shock was put in and all the nuts done up finger tight to check it was all correct. lastly I re-riveted the vehicle ID plate back on.

So far I am extremely happy with the results, although there is a small error that needs fixing... There are three nuts on the linkage that I mistakenly had re-plated silver, when they should be gold. I do have a couple of more bolts I want plating, so these 3 nuts will have to be re-done!

note vehicle ID plate
please excuse the grease smudges!

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