Saturday, 25 February 2017

My bike: Restoration, final frame strip ready for paint

Its taken a little while but I need to push on and make some progress, so I decided to take a Friday off work and get the frame completely stripped so I can take it and get it powder coated.

The final strip was relatively straight forward with the exception of some rusted bolts that were holding the rear mudguard on. A couple of bolts snapped and the final bolt wouldn't budge, fortunately this last bit of mudguard is being replaced and was cracked so I just pulled it off then cut the bolt off.

So with the final brackets and the head race's removed we are ready for paint next week, I feel this is an important step as technically from now on I am re-building!

27/02/2017, Frame, side stand, rear rack, brake pedal and nose fairing bracket dropped of at - looking forward to getting it back, so watch this space!

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