Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Owners bikes: Carsten from Germany

I had this nice message from Carsten Hammer from Germany, its also really great to here that all our experiences are so similar! Can't wait to see the finished bike.

Hello from Germany!
I was just as you, an 16 year old MBX80 driver in 1986! I owned myself  a black one, with the neon-like tank design and full fairing. Just weeks ago, I bought an white one with full fairing, and now I´m gonna do the restoration work.
MBX was a fascinating bike at the 80`s, and my first one (that i bought new!), lefts me with more then 20.000 km after 2 years. Can´t forget that horrible moment....
Hope to get things done, with my white one now...spares are difficult to find sometimes. Even the radiator shield for full fairing models (missed when I bought mine), seems to be a problem to get.
So hope you enjoy the bike in the future, I sure will (when it`s rebuild).
There`s a quit big mbx scene in Netherlands did you know?

Send you a pic with this mail), that shows my MBX 80 in the state I bought it, few weeks ago.
It looks much better on the pic, than it is in real life...so still a lot of work to do!
At the moment it is stripped fully, and the frame is sanded, and rebuild (in German i`ts called "Pulverbeschichtung" don`t know the right words in English <Powder coating, I will be doing the same to my frame!>)
Enjoy !

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