Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Bike: Parts, NOS parts

Whilst restoration news is a little light, while some parts are being currently worked on, I thought I'd post some more new old stock parts I have recently collected. 

I wanted genuine Honda petrol cap as I heard that the replica caps found on ebay were not very good and I didn't want to take the risk on my NOS fuel tank. The left hand handle bar clamp bracket was allegedly the last one... The throttle housing completes all the parts on the handle bars. The left hand side panel was relatively cheap and as mine had a broken lug I had to have it, it will also be used to colour match a little paintwork. And lastly the liquid cooled decals are now very rare, and will complete the radiator cowl. For these parts I used our friends at the Honda M shop

When I stripped the bike down I noticed the exhaust was rotten, fortunately a new genuine exhaust came up on ebay. It has a couple of paint scrapes on it, but after 25 odd years of storage its nothing a quick spray wont hide.
genuine Honda is the only way on fuel caps
clutch bracket plus throttle covers
right hand side panel
exhaust just needs blowing over after 25 + years of storage 

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